Chairman’s message

We welcome you to the system of The National School Aimed Education launched in 2012 in major cities of Punjab. TNSAE’s main objective is to cultivate the culture of aimed learning towards personality development and professional education so that our children can be progressive and dynamic leaders of tomorrow. With state-of-the-art campus and competent and devoted faculty members, we intend to aid the selection of career as the most important benchmark. For this purpose we have designed an assessment system that analyzes the aptitude and skills of every child, which ultimately focuses to career counseling and career development to achieve the aim of life.

Mission Statement

Our primary aim is to transform individual into personalities. We equip our students to meet the challenges of modern world with creative minds, strength of character and bold commitment. Our ambition is to inculcate such values with quality education so they develop as responsible and beneficial citizens progressing their families, country and wider community.

Diversity of Subjects

We offer a variety of subjects spanning the Arts, social sciences, business and mathematics. Students are encouraged to take a blend of subjects rather than restrict themselves to only the Social Sciences or only the Arts. We also encourage students to get a well-balanced blend of subjects to enable critical and responsible thinking.They are given an all rounded curriculum to ensure they become conscious members of the society.